Some of the general categories of items we carry include but are not limited to the following antique or vintage:

American and European Pottery,  Apothecary Jars/bottles, Asian carvings, ceramics, Bookshelves ,Bronze figurals, Cameras, Candlesticks, Carvings, Clocks, Collectible, Costume Jewelry, Dinnerware, Dolls, Furniture, Glassware, Knives, Lighting , Linens, Mirrors, Paintings/Artwork, Plaques, Porcelain Figurines, Sterling and Silverplate Items, Washstands, Smoking items, Snuff Bottles, Tea Caddies, Trays, Tools, Toys, Wood carvings.

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With 15+ dealers and an ever-changing array of offerings, Rummel Creek Village Antiques is one of the best venues in Houston for those on the hunt for whimsical, unusual or traditional antiques and collectibles.

The small store setting gives you time to browse. The broad range of merchandise gives you the variety you crave and the opportunity to make the “find-of-the-century” or to uncover that little odd piece you didn’t know you wanted but you suddenly must have.

Whether you are a designer, a connoisseur, a self-proclaimed lover of shopping or just searching for something fun and different, chances are you will find it at Rummel Creek Antiques.  We have been serving Houston at this location for 25 years.

Vintage items don’t just add interest to an office, an apartment or a home but they can spawn memories, ignite an interest in history or spark one’s imagination.

Antiques are different things to different people. To the gentry they were a status symbol and much desired as a representation of one’s heritage, station in life and wealth. To others, they provide an investment for the future. But, for most of us, antiques can be a reminder of the past and a reflection of the care, time and quality of craftsmanship and artistry that went into their making.

Antiques also represent certain moments in history when common materials were scarce and people had to improvise and substitute one material for another. They monitor history and reflect the change between one era and the next. Antiques can be strong and serious or light and whimsical. They can be utilitarian or impractical.

Regardless of how you perceive the value of antiques and vintage items, a visit to Rummel Creek Village Antiques will be a learning experience at the least and provide an inspiration to purchase your own bit of history at the most. Many say buying an antique is the optimum opportunity to recycle or re-purpose. We say buying an antique provides the optimum enjoyment that will last throughout another lifetime.


Celebrating 30 Years in Business

About Rummel Creek Village Antiques

While most antique stores are simply storehouses for overpriced antiquities, Rummel Creek Village Antiques is accessible and affordable with an unparalleled array of antique and vintage furniture and accessories for personal, home or office use.

We have been providing a wide range of merchandise to a discriminating customer base for over 25 years. Our 15+ dealers are knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. Our broad selection is constantly changing because it is so attainable to collectors, designers and to those who simply want something with a history or something that is not the norm or mass-produced.

New Store Hours
Monday-Saturday 11:00 a.m. to
6:00 p.m.
            Sunday 1:00 to
6:00 p.m.